Donation FAQ

Donations to Los Encinos Docent Associations FAQs

Your support and interest in Los Encinos State Historic Park and the Los Encinos Docent Association is much appreciated. We've listed some frequently asked questions and answers here regarding donations. Please email if you have a question that's not listed.

1. Q: I want to write a check, who do I make the check payable to?
A: Los Encinos Docent Association

2. Q: What is your mailing address?
A: Our mailing address is:
Los Encinos Docent Association
16756 Moorpark Street
Encino, CA 91436-1068

3. Q: What is the Los Encinos Docent Association?
A: The Los Encinos Docent Association is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the education about and preservation of Los Encinos State Historic Park. The Los Encinos Docent Association is also recognized as Tax Exempt by the California State Franchise Tax Board. The Los Encinos Docent Association is the cooperating association affiliated with Los Encinos State Historic Park and has a cooperating agreement with the California Department of Parks and Recreation (commonly referred to as California State Parks).

4. Q: Can I made a donation online?
A: Yes. Please visit our support page to place an online donations and for information. Donations are processed via PayPal.

5. Q: Can I made a cash donation?
A: Yes. There are three donation boxes or 'iron rangers' at the park where you can place a cash donation. One is near the Moorpark Street entrance near the cactus. Another is normally located in the Visitor Center. A third is near the duck food dispenser and looks like a green metal tube.

6. Q: Why doesn't the Los Encinos Docent Association have a listing with online charity rating sites or services?
A: The Los Encinos Docent Association's annual revenue is typically under $25,000. Charity rating sites don't feature profiles for charitable organizations with $25,000 or less in revenue.

7. Q: What do you use donation funds for?
A: The Los Encinos Docent Association hosts a variety of community events. As part of our cooperating agreement, we support State Parks interpretive programs (tours, school programs, etc.) at Los Encinos State Historic Park, as well as providing other support to California State Parks such as purchasing plants that meet specific guidelines. Admission to the park and Los Encinos Docent Association community events is free to the public, however, it is not free to put on the event. Our current annual calendar includes the following special events: Annual Egg Hunt in spring, Victorian Day in the Park in early summer, Shakespeare by the Sea in middle to late summer, and Haunted History in October. We believe each of these programs fit with and enhance the character of the park. These programs complement the special qualities of Los Encinos, improve park awareness, and provide opportunities for learning about our special park.

8. Q: Can I specify what program it's used for?
A: Absolutely. While many donations are designated to be used 'as needed', many donations are made for a specific project or event.

9. Q: How are donors recognized and what if I want to remain anonymous?
A: Supporters will be recognized on Los Encinos Docent Association related web sites, promotion materials, and at the park in a Gratitude Book that will be located in the Visitor Center. Please visit for details. We value the privacy of our supporters. If you wish to remain anonymous, please be sure to indicate this when making your donation. For anonymous donations, also let us know if you want to receive a donation acknowledgement letter and where it should be sent.

10. Q: Are there ways to help that aren't financial and do I have to dress up?
A: Of course! Dressing in costumes is optional. Fair warning, after helping out for a couple of years, you may get the "costume bug"! There are lots of ways to help whether it's hiding eggs for the egg hunt, distributing flyers in the area to promote an event, helping facilitate pumpkin carving during Haunted History, or helping to manage programs and events. Please contact us at and let us know you want to volunteer.