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The De La Ossa Family Photograph Collection
Note: the identification of these individuals is based upon notes filed with the photographs. Many of these identifications seem highly suspect, and will be corrected as new information comes to light

Vincente de la Ossa

Antonio De La Ossa

Constancia De La Ossa

Unidentified Woman

The Gilberts

Unidentified Children around 1850

Manuella de la Ossa

Manuella de la Ossa

The Babette Family

Unidenfied man

Arthur Jeffie as a small child

A baby of the Eakin family

Girls in bathing costumes

De La Ossa daughters

De La Ossa family gathering

Unidentified Man

De La Ossa family picture

Florestina de la Ossa

Florintina de La Ossa

Harlow Gilbert

The De La Ossa family on horseback

Leonora De La Ossa around 1880

Marguerita de la Ossa in a splendid hat

Lola de la Ossa

Lola de la Ossa and a young man

Macloria de la Ossa as a baby

Marguerita de la Ossa in an evening gown

Rita de la Ossa with family members

Rita de la Ossa in mourning

Portrait of Rita de la Ossa as a young widow

Rita de la Ossa

Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert in middle age

Susana De La Ossa 1895

Susana De La Ossa 1885

The Children of Vincente De La Ossa
1900 and later

David de la Ossa 1920

de La Ossa Family 1933

Eakin Family children

Eulalia Perez

Florestina de la Ossa

Florestina in Olypic Stadium

Girls at the beach

Harlow Gilbert

Katherine Kevana

The Shea Wedding Portrait

Florestina and a friend in bathing costumes


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